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Qatar Airways

About Qatar Airways

With "skytrax," a foreign group has named Qatar Airways the "greatest airline in the world." The airline was created on November 22, 1993, and commenced operations in January of the following year. Its main hub is Hamad International Airport in Doha, which serves about 150 worldwide destinations with more than 200 fleets.


Qatar Airways has a fleet of more than 200 planes. Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A340-600, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-300, Boeing 787-8, Airbus A330 Freighter, Boeing 777 Freighter, Bombardier Challenger 605, Bombardier Global 5000, Bombardier Global Express XRS, Bombardier Challenger 605, Bombardier Global 5000, Bombardier Global Express XRS,

Travel Classes

Onboard the Boeing 787, Economy Class passengers can expect comfortable seats with plenty of leg room, cushions and blankets, as well as power outlets, an immersive audio-video system, and WiFi for each seat. Children and adults may enjoy a broad range of films, movies, and music. Passengers in Business Class enjoy comfy seats that may be fully unfurled and used as bunks. Passengers in this class enjoy working circumstances because to large rooms, privacy, laptop power outlets, and WiFi on board the Boeing 787. During the flight, snacks and dishes from the best chefs are served. First-class passengers expect a comfortable bed and personalised treatment. The airlines pay attention to the quality of service in every aspect, from the meals made by world-renowned chefs to the Christian Dior-signed travel kit. The best chefs' delicacies are served on the plane.

Internet check-in

Most locations allow you to check in over the internet. Check-in usually takes place 36 hours to 90 minutes before departure. Digital check-in — you may use a specific app on your phone to check in. Check-in at the airport usually begins three hours before to departure and ends one hour (business class) or 45 minutes prior to departure.


On Qatar Airways flights, you can take your hand baggage. The airline determines its size and weight, which might vary depending on the ticket type or itinerary. The dimensions and weight of Qatar Airways registered luggage should be indicated. Everything here, too, is dependent on the precise class of travel and the course taken.

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